The jewel in the crown of Crystal Hermitage Gardens is the Moksha Mandir, at the very end of the gardens on the lowest terrace overlooking the Yuba River gorge. It was completed in 2015, two years after the death of Swami Kriyananda, as a memorial to his life and passing.

The mandir is capped by an azure domed roof and small glass cupola, as in the Temple of Light.

From within the Moksha Mandir, the view of the infinite sky, forests in front, and the river below, creates a silent tribute to nature. The mandir is a place of peace, bliss, and love. In Sanskrit, moksha means liberation or enlightenment, and it is Ananda’s prayer that all those who visit here will feel a touch of infinite bliss. The sacred tomb of Swami Kriyananda lies below the mandir.

The Moksha Mandir is open to the public during Springtime at Ananda and upon special request, providing a sacred place of silence to allow all to go deep in meditation.