At the far south end of the Ananda Meditation Retreat gardens is the Temple of Joy. The temple was created by Ananda University, who used the retreat for their campus from 2002–2012. Construction began in 2009 by college staff and students under the direction of Pablo Loayza, as an experiential venture in natural cob building. The temple is hand-built, and includes several artistic creations. A natural thatched roof makes the temple look a bit like a hat, and the temple’s circular shape and earthen walls offer a cozy meditation experience.

Later temple stewards added a lovely floor and altar. The Temple of Joy is dedicated to Anandamoyi Ma, the “Joy-Permeated Mother,” an Indian saint mentioned by Yogananda in his Autobiography of a Yogi. An Indian altar, once owned by Haripriya, a close friend of Swami Kriyananda and a longtime devotee of Anandamoyi Ma, now graces the temple interior.

The temple can be visited on tour, on retreat, or with special permission from the Ananda Meditation Retreat.