Hansa Temple, with its distinct sloping roof, serves as the location for many community events.

(For info about Sunday Service at The Temple of Light, click here.)

Ananda Village Map to Hansa Temple

Directions from Ananda Village’s Entrance

Click here to view an Ananda Village map to Hansa Temple.

  1. From Tyler Foote Rd., turn left (at the entrance of Ananda Village) onto Ananda Way.
  2. Drive a short distance on Ananda Way until you get to the “T” intersection, where Ananda Way meets Brotherhood Way, at the fountain.
  3. At the “T,” turn left onto Brotherhood Way and drive a short distance, until you see a small frog and turtle pond and a stone footbridge on your right.
  4. At the frog and turtle pond, make a right onto Ayodhya Way and an immediate left onto Rajarsi Rd. (Do not continue on Ayodhya Way, or you will end up at Crystal Hermitage!)
  5. Drive up the hill on Rajarsi Rd. At the top, you will see a parking area, and Hansa Temple is on the right. (It is a white building with yellow trim and a very distinctive pitched roof.)