Gathering at Crystal Hermitage with Swami Kriyananda

Gathering at Crystal Hermitage with Swami Kriyananda

In each area of life at Ananda Village, we strive to live in active partnership with God. The foundation of this partnership lies in deepening our attunement with the divine through daily meditation. The success of any project or endeavor, and of the ways we relate to each other and to the land, comes from continually refining and acting from this attunement.

Here you will find information on different areas of community life, how they are structured, and why.


While sustainability is not the defining tenet of life at Ananda Village, we have always strived to live in healthy harmony with our natural environment. We live simply, balancing what we need to do in order to play a dynamic and positive role in life, with the impact our use of energy and resources has on the world. More

Planning Our Development

Ananda Village has been working with our local Nevada County since the early 1970’s to make the dream of a spiritual village come to fruition within the structure of California development and planning regulations. The Village started as an organized “church” camp, but quickly outgrew that designation. The creation of the first comprehensive Master Plan for Ananda Village was a multi-year process ending in 1978. More

Property Ownership

A principle established in the early years of Ananda Village’s founding is to minimize the concept of personal ownership—without eliminating it — and maximizing the sense of shared, cooperative ownership — without making it the only form of ownership.


Ananda Village is a unique blend of ashram, cooperative, and traditional village — and our approach to governance reflects each of these in some ways. More


Ananda places a strong emphasis on self-reliance. Individual initiative, creativity and the willingness to dive in and make things work, have been crucial to the success of Ananda Village — and to each and every person’s spiritual success as well. Self-reliance is vital to both material and spiritual success. More


Ananda Village has always encouraged the entrepreneurial spirit. From the earliest days, members have developed businesses that can support themselves and make a contribution to the goals of the community. Practical financial need, combined with Ananda members’ natural desire to provide harmonious products and services to others, have created a wide variety of businesses here at Ananda Village. More


At Ananda Village we seek to spiritualize the raising of children, as we do all aspects of our life. There are very few things that can teach selfless service and unconditional love like raising a child. More

Young Adults

Young people bring with them high energy, creativity, openness to new ideas, and a perspective suited to changing times. These qualities are what is necessary to meet and serve a new generation of souls. More


At Ananda Village, parents can choose to send their children to a Living Wisdom School, from pre-school through college. The Village’s Living Wisdom Schools also serve children outside of Ananda Village, including children from the surrounding area, as well as international boarding students. More

Music and the Arts

Music and the arts play a vital role in life at Ananda. Whether it be in chanting before meditation, musical performances at classes, services, and concerts, recordings playing in the background, creating and displaying beautiful artwork on our walls, or in dance and dramatic performances, our artistic goal at Ananda is the upliftment of consciousness. More