Community Life

Our Ananda communities are not only sustained by a spirit of brotherhood, but mainly by the common thread of spiritual living and upliftment that we share in the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

The members of any Ananda community integrate the practice of meditation as the corner stone of their paths.  A resident in the community may for example begin their day with meditation, before they have breakfast and go to work ~ whether in the community or outside. And they usually meditate again later in the evening, before dinner. Meditation is the main practice but not the only one. Service, positive attitudes, cooperation and harmony are in themselves our way of life and our goals.

Even though we maintain a certain independence in the way we go about our days, our lives are closely connected to each other. Therefore, we strive to keep in mind that the decisions we make for ourselves may have an impact in the lives of others around us. We always look for that impact to be positive in order to uplift other people’s lives.

Here, you can find a few of the main aspects that make our living together a community life, and a few suggestions for how to create it wherever you live.