Springtime at Ananda

Nevada City—Throughout the month of April 2018, enjoy the glorious color and serenity of 16,000 tulips in bloom for Springtime at Ananda at Crystal Hermitage. 24,000 visitors since opened to the public at Ananda Village.

“We planted over 90 varieties of mid and late-season Dutch bulbs this year,” said lead Gardener, Nancy Mair. “We blend tulips with a rainbow of complementary pansies, wisteria, rhododendrons, azaleas, peonies, dogwood trees, and the fabulous cherry tree so that guests enjoy a different garden on each terrace.”

Visitors are welcome to explore the upper terraced gardens and follow the meandering paths by pools, waterfalls, statuary, and the award-winning chapel inspired by the Little Church of St. Francis in Assisi.

During open house weekends chat with Crystal Hermitage lead gardeners, nibble on maple scones, tour the main house, visit the museum, and quietly enjoy the peace and beauty of the grounds. For a lunch, visitors will find delicious vegetarian fare or can picnic on the green of Master’s Market in downtown Ananda VillageThe Expanding Light Retreat also offers vegetarian meals and overnight accommodations, with advance reservations. See The Expanding Light website for special Springtime At Ananda weekend packages as well.