Ananda minister performing a ceremony at Hansa temple

Ananda minister performing a ceremony at Hansa temple

Ananda Village offers a variety of ways, both for those who live close by and those at a distance, to draw on the inspiration and wisdom gained from over 40 years of integrating spiritual principles into our daily lives. You don’t need to be an Ananda member or on our particular path to draw on the activities and spiritual support services listed – it is our joy to share with you in God, as you feel inspired.

In this section, you will find information on weekly Sunday worship, our Family Ministry, ceremonies and services provided by Ananda ministers, classes, and free resources to help strengthen your spiritual life.

Sunday Worship Service

You are invited to join Ananda Village residents and guests for weekly Sunday Service. Service starts at 11am and is held in The Expanding Light Temple except during part of the summer, when it takes place in The Expanding Light Amphitheater.

Service includes devotional chanting, prayer, affirmation, meditation, an inspirational talk by an Ananda minister, and the Festival of Light. Children unable to sit quietly are invited to attend Sunday School. More
Cost: Free!

All-Community Sunday Service

Children welcome!

During special holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Yogananda’s birthday, the first part of Sunday Service is designated especially for children. More

Family Ministry

Our Family Ministry often plans fun and inspiring activities such as family kirtans (devotional chanting), potlucks, crafts and service projects. They also serve as a resource to help you find childcare if attending events or classes at Ananda Village, and help coordinate our Sunday School. More


Swami Kriyananda has created inspiring ceremonies to infuse the significant life events of birth, marriage and physical passing with the remembrance of God, and of our true reality as sparks of the divine. More


“O Great Soul! Live in wisdom, in love, in eternal joy.”

This ceremony addresses and acknowledges your child first as a spiritual being. Ananda has a beautiful ceremony, or create your own. More
Cost: Donation requested


“May our love grow ever deeper, purer, more expansive, until, in our perfected love, we find the perfect love of God.”

The Ananda wedding ceremony evokes and strengthens a couple’s love for each other, and of God’s loving presence in their union. We also have lovely facilities available to rent for your ceremony, reception or honeymoon. More
Cost: Donation requested; facilities rental is additional

Funerals and Astral Ascensions

“Our desire is not to hold you back, but only to tell you: Friend, we are yours; our love and support are ever yours, and our prayers for your highest happiness. Claim your soul’s freedom!”

Both the funeral and astral ascension ceremonies speak to the true reality of our loved ones as eternally living souls, and affirm the truth that physical death does not break the connection between us and those we love. More
Cost: Donation requested

Spiritual Support

Spiritual Counseling

In spiritual counseling, the focus is on looking for solutions instead of focusing on the problem, or trying to “fix” anyone. All counselors are Ananda ministers. More
Cost: $75/hour

Healing Prayers

Request prayers for yourself or others, or learn how to become part of Ananda’s worldwide Healing Prayer Ministry. More
Cost: No charge; donation suggested

Meditation Practice Support

Articles on the art and science of meditation, free subsription to The Daily Meditator e-Newsletter, help with common problems, and e-mail support. More
Cost: Free!

Ask Ananda’s Experts

Ananda’s “question and answer” blog about meditation, yoga, the spiritual life and more. More
Cost: Free!

Ananda Worldwide’s website, which offers free inspiration and information to help you to bring God into your life through meditation and spiritual living.
Cost: Free!

Ananda en Español

Si estas buscando las enseñanzas de Paramhansa Yogananda e español, visita nuestra pagina: www.AnandaEspañ


Learn in Person

The Expanding Light

Take a class to enrich your spiritual life, or become certified to teach yoga or meditation. More

The Meditation Retreat

Ananda College of Living Wisdom – Earn a 2 or 4 year degree or a 1 year certificate in an uplifting and academically challenging environment. More

Retreat Programs – Attend our annual Family Camp, an Education for Life training seminar, or other programs to uplift your consciousness. More

Learn at a Distance

Ananda Online Classes

Learn meditaiton and explore spiritual truths through online classes and webinars presented by Ananda’s most inspiring teachers. You can also study to prepare in order to receive Kriya initiation, or enroll in a free class. More

The Ananda Course in Self-Realization

This is a comprehensive home study course in yoga and meditation. Learn how to live with more awareness and joy. You can also study to prepare in order to receive Kriya initiation. More