If you’re interested in an extended stay that would offer a taste of community living while exploring Ananda’s spiritual path, Ananda Village offers the following programs:

The Karma Yoga program at the Expanding Light

While staying as a guest at the Expanding Light for anywhere from two weeks to three months, experience joyful service, establish (or deepen) your daily practice of yoga and meditation, study Ananda’s teachings, and attend events in the larger community. Participants serve at the retreat 6 hours a day, 5 ½ days a week, while helping with the general upkeep of the Expanding Light.

Click here for more information and a program application, or call Trimurti Motyka (director of the Karma Yoga program) at (530) 478-7518 x7090.

The Ashram Program at the Meditation Retreat

Serve 32 – 36 hours a week at the Meditation Retreat while practicing yoga and meditation and studying the teachings of this path. Service areas can include housekeeping, general cleaning, dishes, kitchen prep and gardening.

Click here for more information.

The Living with Spirit Program at Ananda Village
(for ages 18 -30)

During the summer, Ananda Village offers a two-week program specifically for young adults interested in exploring spiritual living. Practice yoga, meditation and joyful service; attend inspiring, informal classes and enjoy nature outings while camping on the land with friends who share your spiritual ideals and aspirations. Come for all or part! More

Family Yoga Camp
For parents, and children ages 5 – 12

Each summer, Ananda Village offers a week-long program especially for families with children. Join with other like-minded families for fun, relaxation, adventure and spiritual focus. Classes and activities are led by certified Education for Life teachers, assisted by community parents and long-time residents. This program is suggested for families interested in moving to Ananda Village. More